The Great Lakes Fishery Trust provides funding to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies to enhance, protect, and rehabilitate Great Lakes fishery resources. The GLFT manages its resources to compensate for the lost use and enjoyment of the Lake Michigan fishery resulting from the operation of the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant.

The settlement agreement that created the GLFT in 1996 was the result of years of litigation involving the utilities that operated the plant and numerous private organizations, government entities, and Indian tribes. The GLFT is governed by a board of trustees and by a scientific advisory team.

The GLFT pursues its mission and vision through investments in three broad categories: Access to the Great Lakes Fishery, Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations, and Great Lakes Stewardship.

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In 2019, the GLFT embarked upon a yearlong effort to update its strategic plan. Through that process, the GLFT updated its funding priorities and timeline. We anticipate funding the Ecological and Biological Fisheries Research to Inform Management and Habitat Protection and Restoration categories annually and funding the Access to the Great Lakes Fishery and Great Lakes Stewardship categories every other year.