Elucidating the role of herd immunity in protecting of Lake Michigan fish against the Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (VHSV)

Grant: # 1257

Grant Amount: $341,844.00

Board Decision Year: 2012

Michigan State University - Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation (East Lansing)

Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation

Faisal, Mohamed (healthyfish@cvm.msu.edu) (517) 884-2019 (Office); 517-899-5433 (Cell)

GLFT - Ecosystem Health and Sustainable Fish Populations- - Ecological and biological fisheries research to inform management

Project Details

Mohamed Faisal and a team of scientists investigated preventative measures against VHS. The team successfully developed a vaccination regimen that may be used in hatcheries. Experimental data and simulation models demonstrated that hatchery fish can be used to confer protection to wild fish populations against this deadly virus.

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