North Branch Boardman River Connectivity and Subwatersheds Inventory Project

Grant: # 1870

Grant Amount: $97,500.00

Board Decision Year: 2019

Conservation Resource Alliance - Grandview Plaza Building (Traverse City)

Grandview Plaza Building

Shook, DJ ( 231-492-7587

2019 Habitat Protection and Restoration: Targeted Land and Capital Efforts (Including Barrier Removal) - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Summary

With the largest dam removal project in Michigan’s history concluding in 2019 on the Boardman River, initiating road/stream crossing work in the headwaters of the North Branch is a sound next step to effectively managing the watershed as a whole. Partners will work with CRA to complete design for a new bridge crossing, and inventory all crossings in the Boardman Watershed and neighboring Grand Traverse Bay feeder streams of Mitchell, Acme, Yuba, and Tobeco Creeks.