Pere Marquette River Railroad Embankment Restoration Project

Grant: # 1913

Grant Amount: $100,000.00

Board Decision Year: 2020

Conservation Resource Alliance - Grandview Plaza Building (Traverse City)

Grandview Plaza Building

Balke, Kimberly ( 231-946-6817

2020 Habitat Protection and Restoration - Habitat protection and restoration

Project Summary

The Pere Marquette is a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream and a popular fishery for steelhead, salmon, brook and brown trout. The mainstem has a severely eroding streambank 350' long partially within a railroad right-of-way that has been continuously slumping the last 10 years. Conservation Resource Alliance, PM Watershed Council, PM Trout Unlimited and AECOM are in the final design phase working towards stabilizing this site with fieldstone, plantings, large wood habitat, and floodplain bench restoration.